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All-in-one Get-User cmdlet: Part 6 – Formatting & Mailbox Statistics

It’s pretty obvious that our Get-MITUser cmdlet isn’t yet as visually usable as Microsoft’s cmdlets. You can always modify the formatting of a cmdlet by piping it to a Format-* command. First of all this is inconvenient to have to do each time, but also the output of this isn’t your original object but an entirely different formatting object. You can no longer operate on it as an object. For example try obtaining the DisplayName from an object that has been formatted – it won’t work.

MikroTik RouterOS Security Vulnerability – L2TP Tunnel Unencrypted – CVE-2017-6297

The L2TP Client in MikroTik RouterOS versions 6.83.3 and 6.37.4 does not enable IPsec encryption after a reboot. This allows eavesdroppers to view the transmitted data unencrypted. It also allows eavesdroppers to obtain L2TP client secrets and then establish tunnels to the L2TP servers, gaining unauthorised access to the networks they provide access to.